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Managing Partner
Marshall L. Hennington, Ph.D.
Hennington and Associates
Trial and Jury Consultants

Managing Partner

Dr. Hennington is recognized as a national leader in the field of Trial and Jury Consulting. He is known for his ability to craft litigation strategies to help his clients win trials. He received his Ph.D. and an MA. Degree from the California School of Professional Psychology in Clinical Psychology and also has an Educational Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Columbia University. He received a B.S Degree in Social Science from U.C. Berkeley. For over 17 years he has represented clients in various courts throughout the country and is a member of the American Psychology Association’s Law and Psychology Division. He has served on the professional visibility board of the American Society of Trial Consultants. He specializes in jury research, juror profiles and jury selection in both civil and criminal cases. He has published over 20 articles in the areas of cultural considerations for jury composition and selection. His forensic, analytic and qualitative psychological skills have been successfully used to conduct community attitude surveys, focus group research, mock trials, and to develop computerized juror profiles for jury selection. He travels extensively providing strategic consultation to help his clients win cases.

Dr. Hennington has represented numerous corporations including Coca-Cola, Ford Motor Company, Hewlett-Packard, MasterCard, WellPoint, American International Group, Dow Chemical Corporation, Prudential Financial, Lockheed Martin, Delta Airlines, HCA Holdings, Chevron Oil Corporation, State Farm Insurance, Fireman’s Fund, Universal Pictures, Vivendi, American Airlines and Chase Bank. He has also represented The California Department of Transportation, King Drew Medical Center and The Department of Justice. Dr. Hennington has consulted with numerous high profile criminal trials including the Thomas Toolan murder trial in Nantucket, the Ron Ruden murder trial in Las Vegas “Operation Casablanca” (the largest money laundering trial in U.S. history), and the Reverend Henry Lyons corruption trial in St. Petersburg, Florida. Dr. Hennington has represented numerous executives and celebrities in the entertainment business. Dr. Hennington served as a legal commentator for the Michael Jackson trial and he is the Author of the book “Words of Wisdom for My Daughter, Life Lessons” (available on Amazon.com). Dr. Hennington is a regular commentator on CNN, and MSNBC. He is often retained as an Expert Witness and he is recognized as a leading authority for understanding jury psychology. Dr Hennington is a relative of Lewis Marshall who was the Chief Justice of the New York Appeals Court. He is also a 4th generation Doctor.

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