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Hennington and Associates is the leading Trial and Jury Consulting Firm in the Nation. We are a full service Litigation Consulting Firm that specializes in winning cases throughout the Country. We have offices to serve you throughout the Country. No matter what city your case is located in we are here to help you win your upcoming trial. In 2018 we helped our clients win over 98% of the cases that we represented at trial. We have a national reputation for winning cases.

We are smart, insightful and results oriented Trial and Jury Consultants. Our firm has represented thousands of clients in civil, criminal, plaintiff and defense litigation. Reliability, efficiency and favorable trial results are the cornerstones of our firm. We deliver the highest quality of professional Trial and Jury Consulting services for our clients. No case is too big or too small for us to handle.

Our firm is fully committed to helping you solve your most critical legal challenges while offering realistic solutions for winning your case. Our staff has over 100 years of combined litigation experience. We will give your case our utmost attention in order to surpass your high expectations of what you can expect from Ph.D. level Trial and Jury Consultants.

Our Trial and Jury Consulting Firm provides legal assistance at any stage of the litigation process. However, the earlier we are able to assist you, the greater the opportunity you will have to address your concerns and possibly resolve your legal matter before the start of trial.

Jurors can often seem unpredictable, moody, untruthful and very evasive when sharing their thoughts and opinions during the jury selection phase of the trial. However, our Trial and Jury Consultants will help you better understand the behavioral and psychological dynamics of your entire Jury Panel so that you will understand who are the best and the worst jurors for your type of case. Our Jury Behavioral Research and sophisticated Trial Graphics have been developed exclusively for your trial success.

To further help you prevail at trial, we now also offer Professional Expert Witness Services. Please feel free to contact us to help you win your upcoming trial. We thank you for your interest in our firm.

11 Reasons Why
We Are the Best!

The Hennington Principles

1. Knowledge:
Our staff is comprised of Ph.D’s, MBA’s, JD’s and MD’s and are capable of delivering the highest quality of trial services our client’s have come to expect.

2. Experience:
Our firm has been operating for over two decades and we have handled over 10,000 cases.

3. Win cases:
Recently an in-house statistical analysis was conducted and our firm has been on the winning side of over 90% of the cases that we have represented over the decades that we have been in business.

4. Trust:
Our clients have trusted our services to win the most difficult trial matters. They understand that without trust the roots of any case are severed, therefore we are committed to preserving this very important tenant.

5. Candor:
We will always be up front and honest about our impressions of the case and what we need to do in order to make the case as compelling as possible to win a favorable settlement, arbitration or trial. Simply put we mean what we say, and we say what we mean.

6. Reliability:
Our clients know that they can rely on our staff when the going get’s rough. They know when they need something done we are two steps ahead of them ready to deliver our best so that they have one less worry to address.

7. Favorable Results:
Our philosophy has not changed which is: you are only as good as your last case. We would not have survived in this competitive field if we did not deliver favorable results.

8. Proven track record:
We have a proven track record and it is well documented.

9. No case is too small or big for us to handle:
We will handle any case that we believe in no matter how large or small the case. Once we make a commitment we go all out to help our client’s.

10. Public Service:
All of our staff members are required to volunteer a portion of their time to helping those less fortunate than themselves.

11. Diversity:
We have a diverse group of staff members that are available to help you with your culturally sensitive case issues.

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Praise for Hennington & Associates

"Our team (including CHP staff counsel) was very impressed by your work –especially on short notice.  Your work, certainly, moved plaintiff to a settlement position that plaintiff and his counsel had not considered before trial." Supervising Deputy Attorney General, Oakland, CA

“Dr. Hennington is the best trial and jury consultant in the field. Period. I wouldn’t even consider trying a case without him and his staff members assisting me.” David Warrington

“Dr. Hennington knows the psychology of juror’s behaviors better than any expert in the field. To use another consultant would be just plain foolish.” Mark Mandel

“There is no way that I will ever try a case without Hennington and Associates” John Walsh

“I have used Hennington and Associates on every important case we have taken to trial and we have never lost a case working together!.” Lynn Davis

“When the odds are stacked against my clients the first call I always make is to Dr. Hennington because he knows the right jurors to select and how to persuade them to win cases.” Elliot Jacobson

“Dr. Hennington and his consultants are dedicated to going the extra mile to win cases. They always go beyond our expectations and it’s no surprise that we have never lost a case using Hennington and Associates.” Dennis Nourani

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What types of cases does your firm typically handle?

Our trial analysis corporation handles all types of cases. However, we typically represent plaintiffs and defendants in civil and criminal matters throughout the country. We also represent individuals as well as private and public entities.

Where is your firm located and what is the educational attainment level of your staff members?

We have offices located in New York, Miami and Beverly Hills (headquarters).Our staff has Ph.D.s, MBA’s and MD’s available to address our client’s needs. Our firm believes in diversity and our staff reflects this perspective.

How much advanced notice does your firm require to get involved with a case?

The earlier the better for both your firm and our company. Often we find that clients will contact us months in advance in order to schedule and conduct pre-trial research. We design our jury research in order to give clients an idea of the case issues, trial dynamics, jurors to not select, range of damages and intangibles they can expect from the trial. However, we also work with clients who are experiencing a time constraint and need our services immediately.

How long has your firm helped lawyers and corporations win cases?

For over two decades and we have been successful in winning over 10,000 cases. Fortunately we have a proven track record of delivering excellence which will add tremendous value to any new case.

What separates your firm from other firms like yours?

We aim to save our clients money and make our clients money. We aim to surpass our client’s expectations and we feel that we deliver a higher level of service to our clients than our competitors deliver. Our clients always tell us how pleased they were with doing business with our firm. Obviously the outcome of trials helps to support our business.

What are your rates?

Our rates vary depending on the scope and depth of work required for us to assist you with a trial matter. However, we typically require a letter of engagement to be signed and a small retainer advanced in order for us to begin working on a trial matter.


Extraordinary Services:

1. Community Attitudes Surveys; 2. Case-Issue Focus Groups; 3. Verdict Analysis; 4. Trial Simulation; 5. Judges Panel; 6 . Research Options; 7. Witness Research; 8. Demonstrative Evidence Study; 9. Real-Time Response; 10. Jury Selection and Trial Monitoring Services; 11. Jury Selection Database; 12. Post-Trial Interviews; more Trial and Jury Consulting services